Southside secrets: Discover the hidden Tai Tam waterfall

Robyn Ma sets off with her dog Ringo to find Tai Tam’s hidden waterfall.

waterfallTucked away in Tai Tam’s lush greenery is a gorgeous cascading waterfall. A favourite among hikers, it’s a small but refreshing sight after a long and demanding trek – few can resist taking a quick dip to cool down from Hong Kong’s thick humidity and blazing heat.

The trail enclosing the waterfall begins at a brown boom barrier and eventually leads to the Tai Tam Tuk Society. Once past the barrier, follow the rocky granite path and you’ll arrive at a small hill. Halfway up the hill there is a small stairway to the right. This leads to a forested trail completely cloaked in shady trees and rocky boulders. Depending on the weather, the ground will either be slimy and muddy or arid and barren – cross your fingers and hope for the latter.

While in the shade, take a moment to appreciate the tranquil environment and observe the hundreds of living organisms around you, from hovering butterflies to blooming flowers. Keep to the path – if you’re unsure, take a look at the floor: the ground composite forms a dusty orange shade that highlights the majority of it. There are some rocky patches along the way, but nothing unmanageable.

You’ll eventually encounter a small bridge atop a stream. To the right of the bridge – if you look closely – you will see an obscure gap leading to the waterfall. The “path” to the cascade is actually a stairway-esque collection of large rocky boulders – it’s short but tricky to navigate. Be especially careful on the descent: the humidity coupled with water from the stream makes the rocks slippery so take your time and grab onto neighbouring trees to steady yourself.

Once you arrive at the waterfall, you’ll realise it was all worth it. The rushing water plunging into the pool beneath and the frosty white froth of the cascade is cooling and calming. A miniature beach forms around the sparkling stream, providing a safe place to leave your belongings while you take a dip in the pool – the icing on the cake.

How to get there
Head to Tai Tam country park via taxi, bus 314, or bus 14.
From Chai Wan MTR station, take the 16M or 16X green minibuses.
There are two bus stops at Tai Tam country park; either cross the road or turn right to find it.