About Us

Fast Media Ltd is a Hong Kong based publishing company that specializes in residential lifestyle magazines and websites.

It’s main products are Southside Magazine, Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay Magazine and Expat Parent.

Fast Media Ltd’s philosophy 

Fast Media’s philosophy is to publish market-leading “residential lifestyle” magazines that connect with Hong Kong’s brand conscious, high net-worth, individuals through the area in which they live. More than any other media, our “residential lifestyle” magazines form a unique bond with their readers.

Our editorial is of international quality. But our content is highly localised. Each magazine defines the core lifestyle values and provides detailed living information associated with each residential area. For our high net-worth residents our magazines are the best source of lifestyle information, local events, products and services.

Fast Media Ltd is focused on three things:
1) Local content, international quality
2) Distributing our magazines directly into the homes of readers who matter to our advertisers
3) Bringing profit to our clients

Southside Magazine is free to our target high net-worth residents. We reach our readers in the following ways:

  • We mail direct, for free, to subscribers who live in our target area
  • We deliver direct into targeted high net-worth building and residential complexes
  • We distribute free in select high-value venues such as private-members clubs, international schools, serviced apartments and high-end restaurants.

Welcome to the world of luxury residential lifestyle magazines.

Fast Media: Local content, international quality