Five great uses of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are all the rage now, we look at how the internationally-minded are putting their crypto-coins to work.

Settling international peer-to-peer debts

For those with family scattered across the globe, traditional money transfer can be a hassle. Some expats are settling debts with friends and family in a new way – via purchasing cryptocurrency for each other instead of wading through a traditional (and costly) money transfer.

Paying bills back home

You can use your cryptocurrency to pay foreign bills, and even your credit card, via websites like in Australia. It’s a handy service for those supporting family members back home or trying to remotely manage properties.

Travelling with ease

Global travellers are booking travel and holidays that include cars, hotels, flights, and cruises through online travel agent and paying via Bitcoin. Even Expedia take Bitcoins.

Purchasing online

With the run on Bitcoin at the end of 2017, those deeply invested were in a great position to splurge. And splurge they could with online retailers and discount sites like taking cryptocurrency as payment.

Christmas Gifting

In 2017, Christmas gifting was sorted with sites like eGifter accepting Bitcoin payments for gift cards at hundreds of stores including the likes of Target, Macy and even Dunkin’ Donuts.