Luxe living and holiday home rental with Stay One Degree

Former Hongkonger Thomas Bennett and colleague Jorge Munozlaunch founded Stay One Degree, a social network for luxury holiday home rentals.

The online platform connects homeowners with friends and friends of friends around the world.

Bennett says the idea sprang from their own rental experiences, which frequently left them frustrated and disappointed with uninspiring homes at over-inflated prices while beautiful homes within their social network lay empty.

Word spread, and today Stay One Degree has a plethora of villas, townhouses, apartments and ski chalets in over 40 countries. Prices start at a very friendly ‘mates rates’ of $1,000 per night.

All properties are hand-picked by the team, based on “outstanding locations and unique elements”. Think cliff-top infinity pools in Bali to villas with vineyards in Tuscany.

The social network allows members to grow connections and relationships so owners have the option of renting to like-minded guests or choosing to market to a wider pool of clients.

“We’re finding that owners who would never have considered renting out their holiday homes are now choosing to do so on this exclusive basis,” says Munoz. “Members therefore have access to special homes which are impossible to find anywhere else.” Sign up at