Secret Theatre Project returns to Hong Kong

After a series of sold-out shows last year, the (not so) Secret Theatre team is back on November 3 for another round of immersive storytelling.

The creative collective is known for its unique brand of experiential theatre. Instead of sitting still and applauding when the show ends, Secret Theatre engages its guests as part of the set and story. As usual, the location—somewhere in Southside—will only be revealed upon purchasing a ticket.

As for what we do know, this year’s show Project Mayhem sees an interactive adaptation of one of modern history’s most twisted tales of fraternity, violence and all-out psychological warfare. Want to know more? All we can say is the first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not ask questions.

For the first time, theatregoers can also enjoy an immersive dining experience and dive deeper into the dystopian world with a “Dinner & Show” ticket.

The dinner includes three themed courses catered by none other than The Butchers Club with a bottle of wine by Wine Brothers. Show starts on November 3 and runs until December 10. Early-bird tickets start at $360 and can be bought at

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