Seven unique workouts to try in 2018

Jump start your fitness with the city’s most interesting workouts

How many of you have ‘get fit’ as your new year resolution? After the excesses of Christmas time, January spawns a frenzy of fad diets, juice cleanses, and gym membership sign ups. Guilt-induced fitness aside, it’s always a good time to start making healthier choices.

But we all know how slogging away on a treadmill is boring and monotonous work. Instead, stay motivated with a range of workouts which are also fun enough to keep your interest until you get hooked on the results.

Flex Studio

Flex Studio focuses on sculpting, toning, strengthening, and stretching. Aside from pilates, yoga, and cardio conditioning, what makes Flex stand apart is their specialised Xtend Barre and AntiGravity Fitness regimes.

Xtend Barre
Practice dancer-inspired moves blended with the strength and sculpting of pilates. Xtend Barre seeks to improve your coordination, rhythm, and cardiovascular fitness––without the need of prior dance experience. Who doesn’t want a lean physique and strength of a dancer?

AntiGravity Fitness
Flex has the widest range of aerial workouts including AG Aerial Yoga, AG Decompression Session, AG Cocooning, and the new AG AIRbarre. Beginners to inversions, flying, and suspended stretching can start with AG FUNdamentals.

Shops 308-310, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang. 2813 2212,


DANCETRINITY offers a very wide range of dances including Mambo, Argentine Tango, Ballet, Jazz, Street Jazz among others. There are also classes to train your body and technique such as Stretch & Relax, Spinning & Turn Technique, and Body Movement & Isolation.

Belly Dance
This isn’t just wiggling your hips; belly dance comprises moves that focus mainly on the core muscles. Don’t let the low impact label fool you because this class actually works even the hard-to-target, deep transverse abdominals. DANCETRINITY offers Egyptian and Fusion belly dance classes.

Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop
Start with pole dancing and work your way up to the hoop. Great workouts for activating core muscles, toning glutes, and upper body strength whilst improving balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Stiletto Heels
Truly strut your stuff with instructor Milton as he runs you through posture, movements and catwalk styles. Work those heels and bring out your inner diva as you learn how to put lines and energy into your movements. Suitable for all genders!

Dance Yoga
New for 2018, this new yoga type combines the best dance forms into flow yoga to introduce rhythm and harmony. Feel the pulse of the beat as you transition from one form to the next using Vinyasa flow mixed with different dance movements.

How much: DANCETRINITY offers drop-in classes with no registration necessary, five classes for $680, eight classes for $1,200 or $1,300, and unlimited pass for a month for $2,880. Under 21s get a 20 per cent discount for the winter season.

8/F Fung Woo Centre, 279-281 Des Voeux Road Central. 9634 9770,

Swish Club

Become a badass in 2018 with Swish Club’s Muay Thai programs. You will learn the authentic way to punch, kick, elbow, and knee with sandbags, as well as do padwork with their native Thai coaches. 

The studio also offers female only training groups in Ladies MT and Slim Circuit. Kids Thai Boxing classes are catered to 6-12s of all levels, and personal training with a Muay Thai instructor of your choice.

Thai Boxing
A good starting point for beginners looking for group Muay Thai training and effective fat burning. The class works on strength, conditioning, and cardio training, as well as gradual improvements in boxing technique and speed. Students will also have a five minute round of one-on-one padwork with their coach.

Swish Arena
Go for personalised and intensive Muay Thai group lessons for quicker improvement in boxing power and agility. There will be at least one coach to every three students, as well as three three-minute rounds of one-on-one padwork.

How much: Thai Boxing prices range from $200 for a single lesson to $1,480 for 50 sessions, and Swish Arena prices range from $280 for a single lesson to $6,380 for 50 sessions to be used up within nine months.

Exclusive: Swish Club is generously offering Southside readers a free taste of Thailand’s national sport; just bring in our magazine to claim your free trial! 

2/F Progress Commercial Building, 9 Irving Street, Causeway Bay.
2834 6965,


TORQ allows you to set measurable goals and track your progression such as performance stats after each class. They offer three main modes of training with classes varying in length and intensity under three categories.

CYCLE comprises cycling sessions with instructors varying their goals and expectations in each class so your body and mind are continually challenged. SWITCH are their circuit classes using body weight, TRX, Kettlebells, free weights, sandbags and ViPR to get leaner, stronger, and more agile. 

Decompress after all that hard work with a trigger point foam roller class. Most people neglect releasing and stretching due to ‘lack of time’, but with a dedicated session, there are no more excuses.

How much: TORQ offers packages with no membership fee or long term contracts, ranging from one trial class with a free session at $280, to three months’ unlimited classes at $6,900. A post holiday special package is available in January with which you can join unlimited classes for a month at $1,999.

3/F Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street, Central. 2677 8623,


BounceLimit is Asia’s only rebounder training studio, with 32 individual mini trampolines and a range of functional and bodyweight exercises on the rebounders. Did you know just 10 minutes on the rebounder is the calorific equivalent of half an hour on the treadmill? Anyone looking to lose weight, bulk up or tone would be able to benefit from rebounding (never thought you’d hear that, did you?).

LED TabataBounce
Jumping around with sweaty bodies along to thumping music and pulsing lights ––it’s like being in a club, but losing weight at the same time. This 50 minute class with Tabata training is sure to get your endorphins flowing.

Based on Yin Yoga, this program focuses on longer static holds, releasing tightness in muscles and clearing possible energy blockages. The yin of your connective tissues needs to work with the yang of your muscles to keep your joints healthy.

This class falls under the category of inner core strength training. Split into 50 per cent cardio and 50 per cent pilates exercises. BouncePilates is beneficial to your back and spine, especially recommended for those who regularly exercise.

How much: First timers can try it out at $400 for two trial classes. Rebounder sessions normally cost $300 per session, and $2,800 for 10 classes. BounceLimit are also bringing out a Rise and Shine promotional offer: for $1,000 you can attend five weekday morning classes before noon, valid for a month.

13/F The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan.
2441 0021,

Pure South

Pure South, unlike other Pure Fitness or Pure Yoga centres, is a hybrid centre designed to give you the best of both worlds. This centre also hosts classes which are hard-to-find in Southside such as aerial yoga, Spartan training, Tabata, and more.

Yoga Wheel
Combining traditional asanas with the yoga wheel, this class opens up areas that are typically tight as a result of modern day living. You’ll expand the chest and shoulders, stretch the hip flexors, and rejuvenate the spine.

Hot Yoga
Available in classes of increasing sets of postures as well as vinyasa, Hot Yoga is great for developing balance and flexibility. While you may or may not burn excess fat from the heated environment, you will sweat out toxins, and the heat will relieve tension. Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis.

Wall Rope Yoga
The Yoga Wall system uses ropes, pelvic swings, bars, and other props to help enhance traction and extension of the body. The body is opened more, and you can correct alignment issues and go deeper into postures than you’ve ever had before.

How much: Available as a new year’s special until February 28, Pure has brought out the POWER PACK – each containing a one-month pass to all Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga locations, $400 worth of vouchers and two guest passes for friends. The pack is worth over $6,000 but can be purchased for just $1,388. Visit to buy online.

L/1, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay. 8200 0908,


H-Kore is the sole fitness studio in Hong Kong using the Lagree fitness method, which promises to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly, getting the most out of you within 45 minutes.

The full body workout to jump start your metabolism. Routines using the Megaformer machine, which is only available at H-Kore, are designed to work all four motor unit muscle types to failure. Sounds scary, but it is this progressive overloading that stimulates the biggest amount of muscle fibers and creates the greatest metabolic response. Even while sporting an injury, instructors can tailor sessions to your needs so you can always workout.

Combining Kettlebell exercises with the traditional Lagree fitness technique guarantees an increased metabolic burn and an endorphin buzz. DJ Ignotus will be playing a live gig during January 18’s KettleKore class at 6:15pm.

H-Kore is launching their private training and nutrition packages this January. For $7,000, you will get eight Private Training sessions with a certified Lagree fitness trainer. These sessions include nutritional advice to complement your fitness training. Your trainer will work closely with you to create a bespoke training and nutrition programme.

3/F Wincome Centre, 39 Des Voeux Road Central. 2441 9000,