Jennifer Lee explores another side of Wan Chai’s infamous nightlife.

Want some scary stories to tell in the dark? Look no further than Nam Koo Terrace. Located on Ship Street, Nam Koo Terrace seems distinctly unspooky at first glance. But this unassuming, now-abandoned building, which lurks between the high-rises and bustling streets of Wan Chai, is known as one of Hong Kong’s most haunted locations and popularly known as “The Wan Chai Haunted House”.

It was built sometime between 1915 and 1921 and owned by a Shanghai merchant family by the name of To. In 1996, it was declared a Grade I Historical Building by the Antiquities Advisory Board—the building incorporates features of various architectural schools, with elements of feng shui.

Nam Koo Terrace’s reputation as a site of paranormal interest began after its owner, To Chak-man, died of unknown causes inside it during the Second World War. According to local folklore, it then served as a brothel for Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. It is said that the ghosts of “comfort women” kept there have been sighted in the building.

According to stories, Nam Koo Terrace has also been the location of several suicides, and mysterious screams and unearthly voices are said to come from behind its gates and doors. Those who died in the house are said to haunt the place at night, spewing “green fire” in the dark.

The building has, of course, attracted its fair share of curious visitors and ghost hunters who want to know what lies behind its walls. One of the most famous incidents involving this building occurred In 2003, when a group of eight secondary school students stayed in the house overnight in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the ghosts. Local newspapers, including the Oriental Daily, reported that three girls claimed they had been attacked by the building’s paranormal residents, and were sent to hospital by police to receive psychiatric treatment. It is even said that one of the girls became possessed and attacked the police officers.

Dare to see for yourself? For those who aren’t afraid of things that go bump in the night, Nam Koo Terrace is accessible from Exit B2 of Wan Chai MTR Station. But for those who are more superstitious, if you ever find yourself in the area, you might want to consider walking on the other side of the road!